Cloud Mythbusting: How Secure is the Cloud?

Apr 09, 2013

Security of operations is typically a firm's number one concern -- or, at least, tied for first. It's a concern that will linger as more and more investment managers take their first tentative steps with cloud services. And yet, compared to the average data center, cloud security is proven to be both more rigorous and more strenuously monitored than a heterogeneous enterprise data center's security can be.

CyGem's Private Cloud provides the maximum in security, scalability, and performance -- far superior to any internal IT department that our clients could accomplish on their own. This, combined with our experienced team of support engineers, project leaders, operations engineers and technical account managers, means that we can respond to any type of individual request anytime, anywhere. It also forms the core of the most reliable IT experience available on the market today.

Discover how your firm can benefit from CyGem's Private Cloud.

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Evo Solutions

"Cygem has been very accommodating and easy to work with. Our needs are very specific and they were able to work with us to make our environment exactly as we wanted."

Oldstone Title Agency, LLC

"Our computer network was not operating as efficiently as it should have been. A friend referred me to Cygem, Inc. Cygem came to our office, restructured our..."

Cortina Asset Management

"We selected Cygem for the value of its solution. Cygem secured the resources we needed and walked us through each step, guiding us the entire way. We knew..."

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