Cygem's Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Part 2 : Hurricane Sandy Lesson

Jan 18, 2013

Nothing like a disaster to remind you how important it is to plan for one. With super storm Sandy wreaking havoc in the northeast recently, many an organization is realizing that their disaster recovery plan was either out of date or, even worse, non-existent. Of course, the lesson is a painful and costly one, but perhaps it will help others to better plan in the future. With technologies like disk duplication, virtualization, the private cloud and ubiquitous bandwidth, the Cygem team can lay out a great vision of how your company can leverage all of these technologies to minimize the impact of unplanned events and disasters. Of course, there is more to DR than just products and services. A successful strategy includes specific processes, policies and procedures which is all part of the Cygem strategic planning process.

To learn more about these valuable technologies and our strategic planning process, join our free BDR Webinar where we'll give you an inside look into our BDR system. The webinar will be held Thursday, December 13th at 2pm. If you are interested in attending, please email Lisa Caudill at

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