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Our IT Support services are tailored to your asset management firm's unique needs and applications.

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Our Business Continuity services keep your clients' financial data safe, compliant and accessible.

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Our Private Cloud services safeguard your fiscal data from unauthorized access and exposure.

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CSSI is an exclusive provider of private cloud, data backup and disaster recovery services for investment management firms nationwide. As the industry IT expert, we understand the unique priorities of your business. Our services streamline operations and ensure compliance at every turn.

Many investment managers rely on CSSI for efficient, secure technology solutions.

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Private Cloud

Our hosting services extend to your firm’s entire infrastructure giving you the high performance, high availability and high security your business needs.

Business Continuity

CSSI offers data back up and recovery services for asset managers that ensure unfettered access to information, while maintaining the highest levels of security.

IT Support Services

CSSI resolves IT issues with tailored solutions designed to your firm’s specific security requirements and user needs.

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Percentage of electricity consumed by datacenters in the US alone.
– Intel


Percentage of companies that survive a disaster without a disaster recovery plan.


Percentage of claimants that never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster.

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