IT Outsourcing - Advantages of a Hosted Cloud Environment

Jan 16, 2013

Cloud-based applications for financial advisors can offer many benefits. Among them are 24/7 access anywhere there is an internet connection, IT management is no longer required, no installation of software is needed, no hardware is needed other than your usual workstation, and instant upgrades are immediately available and at your fingertips versus the outdated method of having to buy and download the newest software.

At Cygem, we make it our highest priority to stay current on all of these necessary components of your business. Our many years in the financial industry coupled with our depth of knowledge of portfolio management software systems, including Advent, allows us to be a value-add to your firm.

Find our more about how we can help you.

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Evo Solutions

"Cygem has been very accommodating and easy to work with. Our needs are very specific and they were able to work with us to make our environment exactly as we wanted."

Oldstone Title Agency, LLC

"Our computer network was not operating as efficiently as it should have been. A friend referred me to Cygem, Inc. Cygem came to our office, restructured our..."

Cortina Asset Management

"We selected Cygem for the value of its solution. Cygem secured the resources we needed and walked us through each step, guiding us the entire way. We knew..."

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