Your data is important, and we make sure that only you have access to it.

At CSSI, we understand the importance of security. We offer a wide range of security measures to keep data that is hosted with us secure – and this goes well beyond our double-reinforced concrete server facilities. When talking about security, we look at three pieces: hardware, users, and the what-ifs.

Hardware/Software Security

For each Virtual Machine setup that CSSI uses for your business, we apply what is called a ‘single custody setup’. This means that your software is truly yours – no shared environments, no server loads that endanger your access. CSSI purchases and houses their servers with the understanding that your data needs to be protected from all types of disasters. This includes daily backups, generator power and environmental fail-safes like our double-reinforced concrete facilities.

User Security

We all know that the weakest link in data security is often the humans involved in using the information. From weak passwords to data that is shared unintentionally, users are often where the biggest problems arise. At CSSI, we understand that while you can’t completely prevent users from creating these vulnerabilities, there is a lot that we can do to help. When a user attempts to access information off-site, CSSI implements a two-factor authentication login, requiring a user’s password to match up with additional off-site information that is verified via phone, each and every time the user accesses the system. This simple extra step allows you to better ensure that the user logging in is actually the correct individual.

The What-Ifs

Okay, so this is probably the most difficult question asked of any data security team. There is no way, in a one-page document, that we can share each and every contingency plan to answer a specific what-if. That said, between our trusted years of service and our ever-growing industry partnerships, we can assure you that if we haven’t already covered your what-if, we will. Ours is an industry based on service, and the service we provide our clients is one that they can trust.

We meet all (and exceed most) security standards that are required by financial regulations. We do this because we want our customers know that their data is safe, secure and available. Oh, and did we mention that this is all standard?

Security: When you want it. Where you want it. Even if the power goes out.

Can you say all this about your data’s security right now? Call us at 610-992-9287 to get a customized plan for how CSSI can take your data protection to the next level.

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