The History of the Advent Users Group

Apr 14, 2014

Take 4 minutes to check out the most recent AUG video and learn the proud history of this strong membership organization established in 1998.


The History of Advent Users Group

Andrew MacQueen, Principal, NewSouth Capital Management, and one of the founders of AUG gives the history of AUG's development and describes benefits of the group.

The Advent Users Group (AUG) was founded in the spring of 1998 by a group of investment professionals that felt experienced Advent Software© users were an incredible and underutilized resource. AUG was formed as a way to collectively reach out, connect, and share solutions. Besides tapping into a wealth of professional knowledge, the Advent Users Group is committed to communicating member software needs with Advent Software©.

To be a core networking resource and a unified voice for Advent Software users.

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